Deep Learning Research Engineer

We, at, are looking for rockstar research engineers to build an AI platform at scale which will be used for automation of video creation and animation. A list of the kind of problems you’ll be working on:

  • Facial modelling
  • Animating 2D/3D models for speech input
  • Image stitching


As one of our first engineers, you’ll have the opportunity to influence the direction of the company and work on challenging technical problems with the founding team. We expect the following:

  • Write well-designed programs for both experimenting and production. This includes the data pipelines, experiment prototypes, fast and scalable deployment models, and evaluation, visualization and monitoring systems.
  • Read the existing literature on problems at hand and implement both existing and new ideas.


  • Practical experience in Deep Learning or/and Computer Vision.
  • Knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of computer science like linear algebra, formulating optimization problems, etc.
  • Knowledge of python and pytorch (or tensorflow) would be a plus, though we expect you to be able to learn new languages and frameworks as required.
  • Existing relevant projects on Github and blogs.

Above all, we will look for a passion of working in a fast-paced startup environment and solving challenging problems.

Let’s get in touch if you’re excited about this space. Drop in your github and/or resume/linkedin profile to