Uses of the Platform

Endless Possibilities

A/B testing videos

Run different versions of the same video, measure engagements, and choose what gives the best ROI. Rephrase will enable you to create hundreds of videos within minutes.

Personalized Sales

Upload your contact list and get personalised videos for each sales prospect within minutes. Do a mass video outreach with a different video for everybody with Rephrase


Create educational video content with support for multiple languages. Rephrase will let you create this library of content with just textual input. No more painstaking video recording sessions.

Corporate Material

Take your existing documented corporate training material and turn them into videos with zero effort from your end. With Rephrase, any HR executive can just create a video with just scripts in hand.

Tech behind the Scenes

At the core of Rephrase is an engine that learns people’s facial features corresponding to any spoken audio, and then reconstructs photorealistic faces for any new given text or audio. This engine is accessible through an API call that can take in either text or audio as the input, and respond with a video of a chosen character speaking it. Using the API can be as simple as a GET request to the URL. The other, domain-specific uses Rephrase enables are built as wrappers on top of this API.


Ashray Malhotra
Co-Founder, CEO
Nisheeth Lahoti
Shivam Mangla

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